Case Studies

Dive into Our Case Studies: Chronicles of Innovation, Collaboration, and Successful Solutions


Revolutionizing Nepali Relationships

BiheNepal: Nepal's #1 Matrimonial App

BiheNepal, Nepal's first official Dating/Matrimonial app, was designed and developed entirely in-house by Rawa Software. This platform swiftly captured the hearts of users and has evolved into its own entity, BiheNepal Pvt. Ltd., operating as an independent Limited Liability Company.


Creating a User-Centric Ecommerce Platform

Kadariya Beauty Station: Beauty SaaS enabled E-commerce Platform with Django REST and ReactJS

RAWA partnered with Kadariya Beauty Station, a dynamic and authentic beauty supplier of Nepal, to create an exceptional online shopping experience through the development of a user-friendly e-commerce platform.


Streamlining Education and Collaboration

NEFOSTA's Organization and Student Portal

Rawa embarked on a transformative journey to craft a comprehensive Organization and Student Portal for NEFOSTA (Nepal Food Scientists and Technologists Association). The platform was devised to seamlessly connect students, educators, and administrators while offering essential resources and fostering a vibrant academic ecosystem.


Elevating Healthcare in Nepal

Medmandu's Innovative Medical Ecommerce App

RAWA took on the exciting challenge of designing a groundbreaking medical ecommerce app during the pandemic, Medmandu. This visionary project aimed to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by seamlessly integrating medical services, ecommerce, and digital health monitoring into a user-friendly Android and iOS app.