Case Study: Revolutionizing Nepali Relationships

BiheNepal: Nepal's #1 Matrimonial App | React Native, Python ,AWS, Firebase, ML

Project Overview

Rawa embarked on an innovative journey to create Nepal's premier Dating/Matrimonial app - BiheNepal. This original creation was driven by a vision to provide a safe and user-friendly platform for individuals to discover meaningful connections and relationships.

About BiheNepal

BiheNepal, Nepal's first official Dating/Matrimonial app, was designed and developed entirely in-house by Rawa Software. This platform swiftly captured the hearts of users and has evolved into its own entity, BiheNepal Pvt. Ltd., operating as an independent Limited Liability Company.

Goal and Objectives

The primary goal of BiheNepal was to craft a sophisticated dating/matrimonial app that not only enriched user experiences but also ensured their privacy and security. Rawa Software aimed to create a space where individuals could authentically connect and find their ideal matches.

Key Features

  1. Explore Matches: BiheNepal empowers users with the ability to discover potential matches through diverse filters like age, location, and interests, opening up limitless possibilities.
  2. Face Verification using Machine Learning: In an industry-first move, BiheNepal implemented cutting-edge machine learning technology for face verification during profile creation. This ensured that user profiles were genuine and fostered trust among the community.
  3. Privacy Protection: BiheNepal prioritized user privacy by incorporating advanced features like anonymous browsing and profile hiding, effectively curbing harassment and unwarranted intrusion.
  4. LGBTQ+ Inclusivity: The app proudly embraces diversity by offering support to all gender identities and sexual orientations, making it an inclusive and welcoming platform.
  5. Premium Membership: Users could elevate their experience with a premium membership, unlocking features like unlimited messaging and refined search filters.
  6. Match and Chat: BiheNepal's real-time messaging allowed users to seamlessly engage and communicate with their potential matches.

Technical Implementation

  1. Backend Development: Rawa employed Django Rest Framework and MySQL to design the app's robust backend, ensuring exceptional scalability and performance.
  2. Cross-Platform Functionality: The frontend team orchestrated the app's cross-platform capabilities using React Native, optimizing the user experience across Android and iOS.
  3. AWS Infrastructure: To ensure a seamless and reliable experience, BiheNepal leveraged the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon S3 was used for efficient and scalable storage of user images and other multimedia content. Amazon EC2 instances were deployed to manage compute resources, while Amazon RDS ensured a high-performance and secure database environment.
  4. Machine Learning Integration: Advanced machine learning algorithms were integrated to power the face verification and privacy protection features, elevating the platform's security.
  5. Chat Functionality: Firebase was harnessed to implement the real-time chat feature, enabling smooth and instantaneous interactions between users.
  6. Security Measures: Regular vulnerability assessments were performed to uphold app security, with Rawa Software implementing stringent data protection measures.
  7. Deployment Architecture: Rawa Software designed a deployment architecture that balanced performance, scalability, and security. Using AWS services such as Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling, the platform could seamlessly handle fluctuating user demands while maintaining stability.
  8. Continuous Monitoring: To ensure the platform's integrity, Rawa Software implemented continuous monitoring and alert systems, allowing prompt response to any potential issues.
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Success and Impact

  1. Over 140,000 Downloads: BiheNepal rapidly gained popularity, garnering over 140,000 downloads across both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. Top Charts Performance: BiheNepal's excellence in user experience and innovative features led to multiple occasions where the app topped the charts on both the Play Store and App Store, reaffirming its position as a leader in Nepal's digital space.
  3. Media and Awards: The app's outstanding concept and execution received widespread recognition from the media and accolades from esteemed awards.
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