Case Study: Elevating Healthcare in Nepal

Medmandu's Innovative Medical Ecommerce App

Project Overview

RAWA took on the exciting challenge of designing a groundbreaking medical ecommerce app during the pandemic, Medmandu. This visionary project aimed to revolutionize the healthcare landscape by seamlessly integrating medical services, ecommerce, and digital health monitoring into a user-friendly Android and iOS app.

Project Scope

Medmandu sought to redefine healthcare delivery through a mobile app that provided users with comprehensive services, including medical e-commerce, doctor consultation and booking, prescription management, and health monitoring. The app's multifaceted features aimed to improve patient experiences, promote wellbeing, and simplify healthcare interactions.

Design Process

Our design approach adhered to a comprehensive and user-centric process:

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  1. Research and Discovery:
    • In-depth market research to identify user needs, pain points, and industry trends.
    • User personas and scenarios developed to understand target users' preferences and habits.
  2. Information Architecture:
    • Organized app structure to ensure easy navigation and efficient access to diverse functionalities.
    • Wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes created to visualize the app's layout.
  3. User Interface Design:
    • Clean, intuitive design that ensured a seamless user experience across platforms.
    • Iterative design process focused on enhancing usability and visual appeal.
  4. Visual Design:
    • Crafted a visually engaging interface with a coherent color palette, typography, and icons.
    • Imagery and graphics selected to convey a professional and comforting medical environment.
  5. Prototype and Testing:
    • High-fidelity prototypes developed for interactive user testing.
    • Usability testing conducted to identify and address user experience issues.
  6. Iterative Refinement:
    • User feedback was incorporated to refine design elements and enhance user satisfaction.

Key Features Implemented

  1. Medical Ecommerce: Users can browse and purchase a vast range of medical products, including medications, health supplements, medical devices, and personal care items directly through the app.
  2. Doctor Consultation and Booking:Medmandu offers users the ability to consult with qualified doctors through real-time video or audio calls, chat, or even in-person appointments. Users can book appointments, view doctor profiles and specialties, and receive professional medical advice, making healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere.
  3. Prescription Management:The app allows users to store and manage their medical prescriptions digitally. They can easily upload, access, and reorder their medications, receive refill reminders, and maintain an organized record of their healthcare history.
  4. Health Reporting and Tracking: Medmandu provides users with tools to track and monitor their health progress. They can log their vital signs, input symptoms, and record activities, allowing them to generate personalized health reports. The app also supports integration with wearable devices for seamless health data tracking.
  5. Seamless User Profiles: Users can enjoy personalized experiences through detailed profiles that held medical history and preferences.


Medmandu emerged as a powerful tool that simplified healthcare interactions and elevated patient experiences. The design process chart illustrates the iterative journey from research to a visually engaging, user-centric interface. The app's comprehensive features, intuitive design, and user-centered approach have the capability of transforming the health and welness industry in Nepal and improving lives.

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