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Your partners in unlocking the boundless potential of technology.

With a professional blend of consulting, design, development and tech expertise, we're here to orchestrate your tech journey.

Our mission? To empower you to extract the maximum value from your IT investments, translating them into remarkable business outcomes. From crafting exceptional customer experiences, elevating revenue streams,

to achieving strategic milestones, we're your guides to success. At the heart of RAWA's pursuit lies an unyielding commitment to blending artistic creativity and trailblazing innovation in every project. RAWA is synonymous with reliability, creativity, and innovation. Our promise? To fulfill your needs with the utmost dedication and competitive pricing, all while you relax and focus on your core pursuits.


Rising Up

to the Next Level.

Elevate your business by entrusting us with your tech hurdles. Our experts will provide high level, comprehensive solutions, freeing you to work on your core strengths and excel in the business frontier.


What We Do

RAWA aims to provide comprehensive tech solutions to businesses across multiple facets.


Why Rawa?

There's nothing you can't do when you've got a dream, and a team.

Strategic Growth Initiatives

We'll work with your business to develop a strategic technology roadmap that aligns your growth objectives with tech-driven solutions.

Timely Execution Guarantee

We make sure business objectives will be met promptly, With our focus on efficiency, we enable you to focus on core operations without delays.

Cost Effectiveness

Our extensive set of services minimizes the need for multiple vendors. We provide an all-encompassing solution that maximizes your ROI.

Expert Guidance & Support

Our team of niche experts becomes your extended tech team. We offer continuous support and guidance, ensuring innovation and growth.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing our tech solutions, we enable you to gain a competitive edge in the market, building your reputation and setting you apart.

Focus on Core Business

You can concentrate on their core competencies by outsourcing IT services and leaving the tech-related work to us.

Let's Talk!

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting.

Let's Talk!

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting.


Rawa Incorporated (better known as Rawa Software) officially launched the “Bihenepal App” to the public on the 24th of February, 2022. The app launch has been supported by the presence of Chief Guest...

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Rawa Software officially launches Bihenepal app

Rawa Software officially launched the Bihenepal app on Thursday at Hard Rock Café, Kathmandu, with the target of bringing all Nepali singles on one platform. The singer and musician Abhaya Subba Weise...

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Rawa Software officially launches Bihenepal; Nepal’s own Matrimonial site

In a Press Meet Organized on February 24, Rawa Software launched Bihenepal – a matrimonial app especially targeted to help...

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