Our Services

RAWA aims to provide comprehensive tech solutions to businesses across multiple facets.

Software Development

RAWA has extensive knowledge and expertise in the conceptualization, design and implementation of user- friendly software. In addition to client projects in a range of categories, we have also successfully launched and established our own product for the in Nepal's market. Our team holds proven experience in crafting and marketing a product for commercial success. We combine expertise from cross-sectoral partners to design the perfect multifaceted solution for your business, starting from branding and design to creating innovative tools for improved efficiency, strategy , conversions and sales.

1. UI/UX Design

2. Custom Software Solutions

3. App/Website Development

4. E-Commerce


Our AI Technology partner is an expert team with decades of experience in research and implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Some examples of available features and services which are already custom-built from scratch and ready for app/website integration are listed below.

1. AI-based Video KYC Verification System

2. Voice Enabled Conversational AI Chat-Bot

3. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and SMS (short message service) population survey

4. Data Analytics

5. Health-Tech, including AI-driven diagnostics, data management and Telemedicine

6. Plus, other custom AI feature development and integration based on client's specific software needs


Our Cyber-Security Partner is an ISO 27001:2013 compliant company, CryptoGen Nepal, offering professional-grade cyber security solutions following guidelines from such as OWASP Top 10, SANS, NIST SP 800-61r2, PTES, ISO 27001, ISACA, SWIFT CSP along with Local IT guidelines wherever necessary.

1. Information System Audit (IS Audit)

2. Cyber Security Consultant

3. Security Assessment and Hardening

4. Security Operations Center (SOC)

5. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)

6. Darkweb Monitoring & Brand Protection

7. Vulnerability Management

8. SWIFT CSP Assessment

Cloud Services

Empowering businesses with the expertise of our certified professionals, our software company specializes in AWS and cloud computing solutions, offering DevOps excellence, strategic Cloud Consultation, and seamless Cloud Development services.

1. DevOps

2. Cloud Consultation Services

3. Development Services